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Information and discussion seminar for the newly appointed diplomats

The Permanent Secretary also asked those Diplomats to reflect the brand image of Burundi in the countries and organizations within their jurisdiction through their attitude and behavior in defending the vital interests of Burundi. He continued his remarks by reminding them that to represent the country requires to knowing its socio-economic development projects, its vision and its ambition, that it is necessary to mobilize foreign investors, to present to them the numerous business opportunities in a good climate. He indicated that Burundi’s economic diplomacy is based on five pillars, namely: the attraction of foreign investments; technology transfer; the progressive industrialization of the country; infrastructure development; promoting trade and tourism.
The Permanent Secretary reminded them that Burundi is a sovereign State, which has approved its dignity to the world and which has been able to overcome many challenges including attempts at foreign interference in the internal affairs of the country. “You will represent the Burundian people, a dignified, resilient, patient, hardworking people, and very attached to sovereignty, reason why you are called to represent and defend the vital interests of Burundi in your respective countries of accreditation,” he adds.

Regarding the communication, the Permanent Secretary asked them to always use a rapid, effective and efficient communication, accurate, objective, clear, concise, constructive and issued in a timely manner and faithful to the foreign policy and instructions of the Capital city. Regarding to the cooperation with the countries or the organizations in their jurisdiction, he also implored them to ensure the strengthening of the existing good relations, but also the rapprochement of the traditional partners whose relations have cooled in recent years.
Before beginning his speech, the Permanent Secretary first greeted and extended a warm welcome to those diplomats. He continued his speech by saying that the Ministry organized that seminar for the newly appointed diplomats for a better knowledge and understanding of their responsibilities with a regard to the mission given, seeing that the diplomatic mission is both noble, exhilarating and compelling. It also requires qualities, intelligence, love of work, wisdom and patriotism.
Note that in that seminar, the various presentations were made including the diplomatic and consular practices; the role of the Head of Mission in promoting the investors; the administrative and financial management in a diplomatic mission and tourism.

On wednesday december 6, 2023, in Gitega, at Centre Magnificat, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation Mr. Ferdinand BASHIKAKO proceeded to the opening of an information and exchange seminar for the newly appointed Diplomats.


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