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Business diplomacy training

Understand the main drivers, risks and pitfalls of business diplomacy, while strategically targeting and attracting the investors; master the effective communication strategies and image creation, including through the digital business diplomacy and the potential of the diaspora and regional cooperation in promoting the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI); leverage partnerships between the national investment promotion agencies and business diplomats, including through the digital tools, for the promotion of national and regional investments; raise awareness of the new subjects that influence the dynamics and determinants of Foreign Direct Investment.

In conclusion, that training is beneficial for the Embassy of Burundi in Brussels. It will be an excellent tool that the Embassy of Burundi in Brussels will use during the conference organizing on April 19, 2024 on investment opportunities in Burundi for attracting the potential Belgian and the European investors to invest in Burundi and the promotion of the image of Burundi.

Under the theme; “taking advantage of the diplomatic network of ACP countries to promote the sustainable investments”, that training is part of the “ACP Business-Friendly” Program implemented at the meso level by UNIDO and financed by the OACPS and the EU. Through that program, UNIDO supports the investment promotion institutions and agencies in 8 pilot countries (Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Papua New Guinea, Senegal and Zambia) for better investment promotion and facilitative support to the domestic and foreign investors in order to be spread to other OACPS countries.


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