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Burundi is concerned about the future from the partnership between the OACPS as well as the European Union

Indeed, in his conversation, Minister Shingiro took a visit down memory lane where he reminded the participants the fact that outgoing President-in-Office of the OACPS, His Excellency Mr. Uhuru KENYATTA, had, during their term of office, produced a commitment to seize the particular authorities of the high Western european institutions, starting with the rotating presidency of the European Union, the particular Presidents of the European Commission, of the European Parliament, from the Council of Europe, to be able to convince them of the difficulties of signing the post-Cotonou agreement. However , the situation has not improved much since then. The Head of Burundian diplomacy L. E Amb. Albert Shingiro is convinced that so far we are not yet in a impasse, because there are ways and means to continue together the journey already begun. For him, a technique commensurate with the challenges faced by the countries of the OACPS and the EU, having like a backdrop the signing from the post-Cotonou agreement which would eventually establish the unblocking of the situation which persists, is essential. At the next OACPS-EU meeting, the two parties will have two choices to make, either to relocate forward with the conclusion from the OACPS-EU partnership agreement inside a spirit of trust plus mutual interest, or to escape and call into question all the efforts already produced at this stage. However , this last option is not that of Burundi which is attached to the principles and values ​​of solidarity, unity, cohesion and resilience that have always characterized our organization. It should be noted that on the sidelines of the 115th Session from the OACPS Council of Ministers, the Minister in charge of International Affairs His Excellency Ambassador Albert Shingiro took this opportunity to meet high personalities including HE Mr. Georges R. Pinto Chikoti, Admin General of the OACPS. They discussed national, regional plus global issues. This program was followed by the 45th meeting of the OACP-EU Council of Ministers. During the 115 th   Session of the Council of Ministers of the Organization of Africa, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) held in Brussels on November 27 plus 28, 2022, the Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Foreign Affairs plus Development Cooperation of the Republic of Burundi His Excellency Ambassador Albert Shingiro introduced his concern regarding the future of the OACPS partnership as well as the European Union.


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