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Minister Svetlan Stoev opened the renovated Gallery “The Mission” at the State Cultural Institute

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Svetlan Stoev opened the renovated gallery “The Mission” at the State Cultural Institute with the exhibition “Miraculous Icons and Holy Relics of the Balkans”.

“We are just a step away from the hustle and bustle of the city and institutional unrest, and this proximity allows us to think that today we increasingly need missions – missions that bring civilizational values ​​that are constructive and give positive results,” said Svetlan Stoev.

He stressed that the Gallery Mission was established 12 years ago with the ambition to be a place for creative events and a catalyst for cultural dialogue, and expressed confidence that with the renovated exhibition space it will fulfill its mission even more successfully. 

“In my 35-year career, I have become convinced that cultural diplomacy is the most immediate way to reach people’s minds and hearts,” the minister said, adding that it often achieves results that are difficult to achieve by political means.

Svetlan Stoev expressed special thanks to the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Solomon Passy, ​​emphasizing his merit for the establishment of the State Cultural Institute and the sculpture park at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The director of the State Cultural Institute Snezhana Yoveva wished the Gallery Mission to continue to develop as an active space for cultural diplomacy, and thanked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and her colleagues from State Cultural Institute for their support in the exhibition and renovation of the gallery.   

The exhibition “Miraculous Icons and Holy Relics of the Balkans” is dedicated to the Christian culture on the Balkans and its emblem – the icon. 25 pieces show churches and monasteries in which miraculous icons and holy relics are kept, and the exposition is the work of the team of the State Cultural Institute and medieval researchers from the Center for Slavic-Byzantine Studies “Prof. Ivan Duychev” at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski.

“Miraculous icons and holy relics of the Balkans” is a story about our common roots, common mental stereotypes and spiritual values,” said Prof. Vasya Velinova from the center “Prof. Ivan Duychev” at the opening of the exhibition.

The exposition is part of the traveling exhibitions of the State Cultural Institute. At the ceremony, Minister Svetlan Stoev wished it to be presented in as many countries as possible, in which we have diplomatic missions.


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