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Currently, four Bulgarian citizens are awaiting evacuation from Kabul

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintains constant contact with the remaining Bulgarian citizens working for international organizations in Kabul, and is in contact with our foreign partners and allies in search of opportunities for their taking out of Afghanistan.

The evacuation of our compatriots remains a task of first priority.

Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has information about four Bulgarian citizens who are waiting to be evacuated from Afghanistan. A fifth Bulgarian citizen working for the UN will be evacuated through the means of the world organization in the coming hours.

In the last 24 hours, with the help of an international evacuation flight, a Bulgarian citizen left Afghanistan, is now in a safe and secure place and has not sought additional consular assistance.

So far, a total of 13 Bulgarian citizens have managed to leave Afghanistan for the last several days, with whom the Foreign Ministry has maintained contact and provided assistance.

We remind you that on 10th March 2018, the direct diplomatic presence of Bulgaria in Afghanistan was temporarily suspended due to serious material damage to the building of the Bulgarian Embassy in Kabul during the large-scale terrorist act on 31st May 2017.


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