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Serbia – Risk of criminal arrest, arbitrary detention and unfair trial

In addition , consular existence at hearings during a possible trial is not guaranteed as well as the detainee does not have access to a lawyer of his choice. The lawyer may also be subject to severe constraints. All Belgian visitors, including bi-nationals, are at high risk of arrest, arbitrary detention and unfair test. This risk also pertains to people who are simply visiting Iran for tourism. In the event of police arrest or detention, respect for fundamental rights and the safety of individuals are not guaranteed. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on Belgian nationals going to Iran to leave the country as soon as possible in view of the improved risk of arbitrary detention in the light of the current deterioration of the security situation throughout Iran. In this context, the capacity of the Belgian embassy within Tehran to provide consular safety to nationals arrested or even detained in Iran is very limited. Moreover, consular trips are not allowed in the case of a bi-national, as Iran does not recognise dual nationality. Belgian nationals, including those with double nationality, are therefore strongly advised against travelling to Iran for any reason. Belgian nationals who, despite this warning, are in Iran, are asked to be extremely vigilant and also to take the necessary precautions to make sure their safety. Recently, the Belgian national and several other Westerners were arbitrarily arrested and are currently imprisoned within Iran. Belgians and double nationals are asked to return as soon as possible. They are strongly suggested to limit their motions within the country, to avoid any kind of gathering and to make them selves known to the Belgian Charge in Tehran by signing up on the Travellers Online website


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