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Episode 16. Belgium, sustainable chocolate country

Listen to this podcast in French: Spotify and SoundCloudBelgium is undoubtedly the country of chocolate. With 11% of the world market, we are the second largest exporter of chocolate in the world. And we love it, as each Belgian consumes no less than 5.2 kilos a year. In April, Belgium is organising the 5th edition of the World Cocoa Conference under the slogan “Paying more for sustainable cocoa”. Unfortunately, cocoa farming is associated with a number of problems: the far too low income of cocoa farmers, child labour, deforestation, and so on.

But what else is Belgium doing to make cocoa as sustainable as possible? And who are our partners to achieve that goal?

Belgian ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire Carole van Eyll answers our questions.

Or in Dutch: Spotify and SoundCloud

These are just some of the challenges that Belgium wants to address by bringing all players in the cocoa sector together at this conference.

A conversation with Carole van Eyll, Belgian ambassador to Côte d’Ivoire.


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