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Passport Office Announces Changes

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs the general public that new expedited e-passport fees were implemented on 11th October 2022. This was due to a demand for expedited passports with shorter turnaround times.
Within ten (10) days of making the application.  – .00
Please note that fees for a regular Child’s e-Passport remain at .00, and a normal Adult’s e-Passport costs .00. The Ministry would also like to remind the public that they can renew their passports as early as one (1) year before the expiration date. 
The new Expedited Fees are as follows where applicable: 
Not later than noon the same day –  5.00

Passport Office Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

An applicant whose passport is damaged or reported lost or stolen, and the applicant requires the e-Passport issued: 
The applicant requires an E-Passport within forty-eight (48) hours of making the application. – 0.00
The applicant requires an E-Passport no later than noon on the same day – 0.00
Within forty-eight (48) hours of making the application. 5.00
To register online for your E-Passport, visit:


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