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Declaration on Incident At Miami Consulate

It was reported by a local Miami news team that the group of protesters has been demanding answers to matters regarding loved ones who, it really is alleged, were seeking asylum but were missing within the Bahamas. Further allegations made included mistreatment of Cubans while in the Detention Centre.
23 December 2022
The Ministry of International Affairs wishes to inform the general public of the recent incident in the Bahamas Consulate General within Miami. The matter began once the building security personnel realized that a small group of protesters experienced presented itself at the entry of the building demanding access to the Consulate. The security workers alerted the Consulate from the same.
The Ministry associated with Foreign Affairs contacted The Bahamas Department of Migration, which informed the Ministry’s Director-General that none of the individuals named in the write-up by the Miami Press has shown up on the list of Cuban nationals currently detained on the Detention Centre. The Division of Immigration has reported that, to date, there are simply no reports of abuse or even mistreatment of detainees at the Centre.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs remains engaged in the ongoing investigation of this matter.
The Consulate notified the US Department of State Office of Foreign Missions in Miami, which advised the Diplomatic Security officers accordingly. The particular Consulate’s Police Liaison Official also contacted the Miami Police Department, which instantly dispatched police officers to the developing. At no time was any staff member of the Consulate in danger.
Regarding individuals seeking asylum within the Bahamas, careful attention is given to ensuring that asylum procedures, since prescribed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, be observed and upheld. By way of the present, the Bahamian Immigration professionals have informed the Ministry that there are no cases impending of Cuban nationals searching for asylum in The Bahamas at the moment.


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