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COVAX initiative delivers COVID-19 vaccine to Ghana

The international COVAX initiative has delivered an initial 600,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine to Ghana. The West African country is the first in the world to benefit from these international efforts to ensure fair distribution of the vaccine.

In the fight against the pandemic, we cannot afford to leave poorer countries behind. I am therefore pleased to see the first results of our efforts to ensure fair access to vaccines,

commented Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg, who hopes to see more vaccine deliveries to developing countries in the near future.

Austria has allocated 2.4 million euros to the COVAX initiative, and is thus making an important contribution towards counteracting the devastating effects of COVID-19 in developing countries.

In many places, the pandemic exacerbates  the humanitarian situation, and is threatening to undo the progress made in recent years in terms of achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals,

added Alexander Schallenberg, who concluded:

Nobody is safe until everybody is safe. Fair and affordable access to the COVID-19 vaccines is therefore essential.


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