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Tirana, Minister Xhaçka meets Nikos Dendias: We have the can to seek compromise for the referral of the delimitation of ocean going areas issue to Hague

The Minister for Europe and International Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, met the Minister of International Affairs of Greece, Nikos Dendias, in Tirana.

Minister Xhaçka stated that Greece remains a reliable partner on Albania’s path toward EU integration, as the girl emphasized that there is a can on both sides to seek strategies to difficult issues that are in the interest of both countries.

“I am happy that we have an understanding to address plus seek solutions for a range of issues, however difficult, that we have inherited from history, like the need to abolish the Law associated with War, Human Rights security, the issues at the borders, and also the agreement for the resolution associated with border incidents. One of the issues discussed was the delimitation associated with maritime areas, as an issue of mutual interest. Each sides have the will to seek a compromise that would make it possible to refer the case to the International Court of Justice”, said Minister Xhaçka on the press conference.

Minister Dendias stated the EU perspective of the Western Balkans remains a challenge which will be addressed successfully, as he discussed the same perspective with Minister Xhaçka regarding the compromise in order to refer the issue of the delimitation of maritime areas to Hague.

“I think that the solution of the delimitation of maritime areas, the main one of the law of war and the other two agreements, where one of them is to steer clear of the episodes happening at the edges and the other one, the particular maintenance of the border pyramids, will send a message to the worldwide community that international regulation and the international law from the sea is what constitutes the basis for the resolution of all interstate differences, ” he mentioned.

The visit of Greek MFA Dendias to Tirana comes after the particular visit of Minister Xhaçka to Athens on Dec 2 of this year.

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