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Cybersecurity Conference, Minister Xhaçka: Albania is doing its utmost to secure the necessary infrastructure and capacities to face security challenges

The Minister with regard to Europe and Foreign Affairs, Olta Xhaçka, participated within the conference on “Cybersecurity Issues in Albania” in the construction of Safer Internet Time.

Minister Xhaçka stressed that, world-wise, no country is capable of dealing with cyber security challenges by yourself today, while recognizing the need to raise defense capacities.

Underscoring the fact that cyber-attacks, given the war within Ukraine, will only become more frequent, she announced the news that will in the second year associated with Albania’s mandate in the Safety Council, cyber security is a thematic priority aiming to create support and cooperation with as many countries as possible.

Minister Xhaçka highlighted the US support given to Albania in countering this cyberattack, stressing the intensification of it in the following months, leading to concrete outcomes.

Thus, this conference seeks to create strategic partnerships, verify the need for inclusiveness in cyber governance, and reaffirm the valuable contribution of national as well as diaspora experts.

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