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Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


KABUL – In response to media questions about the recent remarks of the Pakistani Foreign Minister on the Afghan peace process, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan states the following:

  • We believe that in order to achieve a lasting peace in Afghanistan, we need a regional and international consensus.
  • We appreciate the efforts of all parties who sincerely support the Afghan peace process.
  • We expect the parties involved in the peace process to fulfill their commitments towards achieving peace.
  • The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has taken the most important steps to build trust and pave the way for a comprehensive political agreement by releasing more than 6,000 Taliban prisoners, declaring readiness for an immediate and nationwide ceasefire, and participating in sincere peace talks.
  • The Taliban have not only failed to live up to their commitments to reduce violence and move toward a comprehensive ceasefire, but have escalated the violence to an unprecedented level, carrying out targeted killings and creating new challenges to meaningful negotiations and lasting peace.
  • We expect the Government of Pakistan and all our international partners to compel the Taliban to fulfill their commitments to reduce violence, to secure a nationwide ceasefire and to sever ties with terrorist groups so that the way for meaningful peace talks and political agreement is paved.