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Sheikh Al-Issa: Scholars and Muftis of the Islamic world to Ensure Peace in Afghanistan through a Historical Conference Soon

RIYADH – Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar met with the Secretary-General of the Muslim World League and a well-known and respected scholar of the Islamic world Dr. Mohammad bin Abdulkarim Al-Issa in the Saudi capital Riyadh, Wednesday evening.

At the outset, both sides discussed the current situation in Afghanistan, in particular the role of the religious scholars of the Islamic world in ending the bloodshed and securing peace in Afghanistan and the fight against extremism and terrorism.

Foreign Minister Atmar said that the war in Afghanistan has global dimensions with links to transnational and regional extremist and terrorist groups.  He stated that “extremists from various countries and organizations have turned Afghanistan into a war zone to pursue certain goals in which rescuing Afghanistan from the current war actually means rescuing the Islamic world and humanity from the growing threat of violent extremism and global terrorism”.

The Foreign Minister pointed to the horrific crimes in Afghanistan, which not only contradict the beliefs and teachings of Islam but any other religion.

Minister Atmar added, “Through the peace process, we want the Taliban to break away from other foreign extremist groups in the region and return to a peaceful and political life in their country”. In this regard, he called for the cooperation of the Islamic world, especially the Muslim World League.

Sheikh Al-Issa said that crime and terrorism have no place in Islam and that criminal and terrorist acts should not be attributed to Islam. “We consider it our responsibility to end the war and ensure peace in Afghanistan,” he said.

Sheikh Isa promised that in the near future, in accordance with his previous commitment, the Muslim World League will bring together influential thinkers, scholars, and muftis of the Islamic world in a great and historic conference and seek a fundamental solution to the Afghan crisis from a religious perspective.

Secretary-General of the Muslim World League said the outcome of the conference should be historic and decisive. He added that there will be a solution in this conference and the implementation of the decisions will be binding and therefore we will invite the Taliban to participate in this large conference to ensure broad participation.


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