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Minister of Foreign Affairs Met the New AUAF President in Kabul

KABUL – Mohammad Hanif Atmar, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, met the new president of American University of Afghanistan, Mr. Ian Bickford along with Mr. David Sedney, the previous AUAF president.

In this meeting, Minister Atmar shared the preferences of the Ministry, directing towards the academic programs, including the business pivot and creating a regional expert. Minister Atmar did express the need of creating and expanding the cooperation of arranging educational and theoretical programs, utilizing the experiences and knowledge of both, American University of Afghanistan and the Diplomacy Institute of Foreign Affairs. An MoU should be signed as well.

Afterwards, Mr. Bickford welcomed the cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for providing opportunities in academic and scientific/theoretical fields and the preparation of working together on organizing joint educational programs with the collaboration of the Diplomacy Institute.”

In the meeting, it is understood that both teams will start preparing for organizing educational programs including Masters degree and signing an MoU in the near future.


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